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The Brighton and Hove Heritage Commission was formed in 2013 to campaign for the preservation and enhancement of the character and amenities of the city. We are also an umberella organisation representing the concerns and interests of many heritage and community groups across the city, each of whom are actively involved in maintaining, and, when necessary, defending the heritage value of their area against threat.

We believe the importance of heritage cannot be overestimated. In Brighton and Hove heritage forms the city’s cultural identity and informs a sizeable part of the cultural life of our city to this day. Heritage is a tangible link to our history and few people would come to Brighton and Hove if they did not also think it a special city and worth coming to visit.

However sadly there are those who would happily see our heritage bulldozed for the sake of short-term financial gain and the erection of poor quality characterless buildings with a 50-year shelf life, if fashion does not replace them first. As English planning directives and regulations devolve and dilute, this threat grows greater.

Whilst BHHC are not against change, we believe change should evolve sensitively and for the long-term, involving full local consultation and genuine vision for the future, so Brighton and Hove can remain special, and even act as a benchmark for other towns and cities facing the same challenges. We want visitors to be able to visit in 200 years time and still find Brighton and Hove to be a special and vibrant city. A city with a past as well as a future.

We welcome new members and groups who share our feelings and who seek to join us as campaigners rather than commentators.

If you are interested in joining us please fill in membership form CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD and return.

Press and Media enquiries: Please contact Roger Amerena Tel: 01273 203599 or Email: roger.amerena@btinternet.com


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  1. Hello – Is BHHC responsible for the heritage plaques that the city places on buildings to commemorate notable people who lived there?

    If so, can you tell me how the recommendations for the plaques are submitted, and how those who are commemorated are ultimately chosen?

    Damon Taylor

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