Dora Bryan – blue plaque unveiling

Today saw the unveiling of the first curved blue plaque in the city to honour the late actress and comedienne Dora Bryan. Fellow comedian and actor (as well as President of the Max Miller Appreciation Society) Roy Hudd led proceedings with the help of fellow celebrity Michael Aspel at the former hotel owned for many years by the actress at CLARGES, 118 Marine Drive. The plaque had been arranged by the Max Miller Appreciation Society with the assistance of the city’s Blue Plaque committee and a donation from Brighton and Hove Heritage Commission. The hotel also featured in two Carry On Films. A large crowd attended and Dora’s sons were also present.

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One thought on “Dora Bryan – blue plaque unveiling

  1. Have only just spotted this site even though the event mentioned is 3 years past. I had a summer job at Clarges in 1972 and have many happy memories of the experiences including some amusing and funny events. There were a number of eccentric characters staying and even living permanently at the hotel in those days including a retired sea captain who used to tap his cigarette ash behind the bathroom sink to test my cleaning skills. One day I decided to leave an ash tray there to catch the ash and the prickly captain made a complaint against me! I well remember Dora and Mr Lawton who managed the hotel. They didn’t get in the way of the smooth running of the hotel and were much loved by staff and guests. It was a real “palm court” hotel in those days full of character and characters. I’m glad the plaque is there as a reminder and tribute to Mr and Mrs Lawton and to Clarges Hotel.

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