Recent Events at BHHC

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Images from the BHHC Christmas Party on 3rd December

BHHC WW1 exhibition 2 BHHC WW1 exhibition1

BHHC WWI exhibition 3

Mayor Lynda Hyde makes a speech at the opening  of the WWI exhibition in Jubilee Library sponsored by BHHC on 7th December.

BHHC Affiliates meeting 11.12.15

BHHC Affiliates meeting at The Old Vicarage, Brighton and Hove High School on 10th December. Where guest speakers Rob Fraser, Head of Planning at Brighton and Hove City Council, Rich Howorth of Brighton and Lewes Biosphere Partnership and James Farrell of Building Green came together to give an overview of local planning pressures, biosphere considerations and our natural heritage including Madeira Drive’s green wall. But can all three be adequately accommodated? A lot of food for thought which we will hope will lead to a lot of ideas. It was heartening to see how many local conservation and community groups were represented.

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