Have Your Say on Brighton and Hove Graffiti Scourge

We are unanimous at Brighton and Hove Heritage Commission that the current graffiti scourge is deeply damaging to the architecture and visual impact of the city and have previously covered the subject in a post here.

maderia terraces.

Brighton and Hove City Council have now set up a public graffiti removal enforcement consultation here. It is open until 15th December 2019 and we urge as many of you as possible to complete it with your views.

While the thrust is very much how to get businesses and property owners to pay for graffiti clear up, it seems somewhat unfair to penalise the victims of graffiti.

It is the criminals who commit it who should be held to account with the fines and community service they should be sentenced to used to put the damage to rights.

Any non-commissioned graffiti is criminal damage.

The Brighton Society is very much on the same page with its views on the graffiti scourge here.