Repair to Madeira Drive 1870s

Madeira Road 1872 -77Madeira Road Drawing (reverse)

Madeira Road, Brighton, looking east. Drawing by H.S. Hine

Circa 1872-1877

In the collection of (and by permission of) R.V.Amerena Esq.

This is a fascinating view of workman repairing the wooden guard rail along Marine Parade from suspended scaffolding with a swooping seagull beneath.
The Victorians did not often record tradesmen at work, particularly for a guard rail repair, so this drawing is rare.
The artist Hine was sat at a spot immediately beneath 127 and 128 Marine Parade. Madeira Road was constructed and named as such in 1872 which ran along a new sea wall, after the Aquarium was built, to Duke’s Mound then up to Marine Parade. Duke’s Mound was named after His Grace the 6th Duke of Devonshire who was at 1 Lewes Crescent for thirty years until 1858.
As there is no evidence of Lockwood’s Madeira Terrace structure of the 1890’s in the drawing, and also no record of the Paston Place Groyne, known as the Banjo Groyne, built in 1877, this view then has to be drawn by Hine between 1872 and 1877.
The Great Sea Wall was constructed between 1830 – 38, with the wooden guard rail the whole length of Marine Parade at its top. The present iconic iron railings with dolphin motifs also designed by the borough surveyor Philip Lockwood replaced that wooden structure from 1880.