BHHC Trip to Saddlescombe Farm/Newtimber Hill and Newtimber Place and Church

ere are some photos of our trip to National Trust’s Saddlescombe Farm/Newtimber Hill, where we had a wonderful tour with Glen, the NT tour guide. After which we visited Newtimber Place (open by appointment) nearby for a tour and afternoon tea with the genial owner Andrew Clay, whose family have owned the house for generations and are the descendants of slavery abolitionist Lord Buxton. To top the afternoon off we stopped at Newtimber Church on the way back to Brighton.  The weather was breezy but warm and a good time was had by all. We even met a friendly sheep who loved cuddles at Saddlescombe Farm and some rare breed chickens and ducks at Newtimber Place.

Group photo a Newtimber Hill 4.8.17 Newtimber place  Newtimber bathroom 4.8.17Newtimber drawing room 4.8.17 Newtimber moat 4.8.17 Newtimer back of house 4.8.17 Newtimber drawing room 4.8.17Saddlescombe Farm 4.8.17Saddlescombe Farm wagon wheel 4.8.17 Saddlescombe Farm field 4.8.17 Saddlescombe Farm milking parlour Saddlescombe Farm walled garden 2 4.8.17 Saddlescombe Farm sheep 4.8.17 Saddlescombe Farm walled garden 4.8.17